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Our Work

The adjacent links offer samples of our communications work. Don't see what you're looking for here? Give us a call at (202) 546-9170 or send an e-mail with your specific request to LMC@langhummitchell.com. This page includes only a fraction of what we've produced over the years. We're happy to share additional samples upon request.

​Media Relations

Amalgamated Transit Union​​​

Amalgamated Transit Union​

'TobacNo' Summit at Xavier University

Center for Rural Strategies

Strategic Communications​

Emerald Cities

Responsible Fatherhood

Digital Media

What Would Rosa Do?

CLEOnair Podcast

Kellogg Leadership for Community Change​


Reimagining School-Community Relations

Weaving Strong Communities​

Journal of EDM Finance

KLCC Bridge​

Til Victory is Won